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April 30, 2017 06:28 PM
What Is Use Of File FileZilla Client & FileZilla Server ?
FileZilla FTP Client:
FileZilla FTP Client Used For Transferring Files From One Computer To Other Through Internet & FTP Server & FTP Server Login Details. You Can Transfer Your Files From One Computer To Second And From Second Computer To One Computer. You Will Have Access To Selected Drives/Folders/Files.

FileZilla Server:
FileZilla Server Used To Create FTP Client In Other Computer To Get Access Drives/Folders/Files. This Is Small Program Just Install In That Computer From Where You Want TO Transfer Files TO Other Computer. But You Can Also Install FileZilla Server In Receiving Computer But You Have TO Grant Permission To Sender To Read/Write Files On Your Computer.

How To Setup FileZilla Server & Create Account ?
First You Need To Install FileZilla Server In Remote Computer (Sender). In Our All RDP Servers FileZilla Client & FileZilla Server Already Installed You May Find Shortcut On Your Desktop & In Start Menu And Run FileZilla Server & Also FileZilla Server Interface

FileZilla Server Interface

2. Now Create Your FTP Login Username & Set Password And Also Set Directories To Give Access From Where You Want To Transfer Files To Other Computer.

FileZilla Server Account Setup

A. Goto >> Edit >> Users
Click On 4th User Icon
B. Click On Add
C. Type Your Username Which Will Be Used For Login
D. Click On OK

FileZilla Server Account Password Setup

Tick The Password Box And Set Your Password. This Will Be Used For Login To Your Account.

FileZilla Server Account Directory Setup

A. Click On Shared Folder
B. Click On Add And Select Folder Which You Want To Share With FTP Server Or Want To Share Transfer Files & Folders To Other Computer
C. Set Permission To Your Directory What Users Can Do And Which Permission You Want To Allow To FTP Account
D. Click On OK

Permission Details:
Read: FTP User Can Read/View Your Files/Folders
Write: FTP User Can Copy Files To Your Remote Server (FileZilla Server Computer)
Delete: FTP User Can Delete Your Any Files/Folders
Create: FTP User Can Create New Folder/Files In Your Remote Server (FileZilla Server Computer)
Remove: FTP User Can Delete Files/Folders From Your Remote Server (FileZilla Server Computer)
List: FTP User Can View Files/Folders Name In Your Remote Server (FileZilla Server Computer)
Sub Dir: FTP User Can View Sub Directory Of Your Folders In Remote Server (FileZilla Server Computer)
Best Choice Keep Default Option (Permissions) 
3. Now Save Settings & FileZilla Server Setup Done :)

How To Use FileZilla FTP Client ?

1. Download & Install FileZilla Client In Your Computer
Type Your FTP Server Login Details:
Host: (Your FileZilla Server IP/OR Your RDP Server IP)
User: (Your FileZilla Server Username)
Password: (Your FileZilla Server User Password)
Port: (Leave Empty Or Type 21)
For Example:
Host: 5.xx.xx.54
User: User
Password: ******
Port: 21

FileZilla FTP Client Login

When You Click On Ok You Will Logged Into FTP Client

FileZilla FTP Client Logged In Welcome

How To Transfer Files ?
Just Select Your Folder Where You Want To Save Files And Drag&Drop Files/Folder To Your Directory Or Right Click On The Remote Server File/Folder And Click On Download. You Can Download Multiple Files/Folders at Same Time

FileZilla FTP Client How To Transfer File

4. Done & Enjoy.
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April 30, 2017 06:28 PM